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Art (not stationery) store in Osaka 2015/10/3 20:01
I'm looking for a proper art store that sells paints such as acrylic and has a variety of different papers. Most places I look up or have been told about have been stationery stores that sell the occasional brushes and whatnot, but I'm looking for one that specializes in art supplies.

Many thanks.
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Re: Art (not stationery) store in Osaka 2015/10/4 11:20
Tokyu Hands is also sold stationery,but it is also selling art supplies.
Kawachi has entered the 8th floor of the Shinsaibashi store.
Kawachi art supplies
The Hankyu Sanbangai, Kawachi art supplies also Tools also it has.
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Re: Art (not stationery) store in Osaka 2015/10/4 23:37
ども ありがとうーございます!

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