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Internet in Japan and American TV shows 2015/10/4 16:39
hi, this question might seems strange to you guys but,
I'm going to japan for three month and I'm kind of a TV show addicts so I wonder how can I keep up with following the American shows that are released each week online, so I heard there are some internet caf which have computers with internet connection is that true? and are they spread through japan? tnx
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Re: Internet in Japan and American TV shows 2015/10/4 17:29
Yes, but they are still unfortunately more sparse than you might think. On the contrary, reliable and easy WiFi is another difficult one to find.

Some train stations offer reliable WiFi and they may have cafes in them. I believe Starbucks is most reliable for WiFi as well as some Lawson's with sit in eat areas.

You may also need a VPN from the states to view some services that allow you to watch the American shows.
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Re: Internet in Japan and American TV shows 2015/10/7 11:19
Where will you be staying? Most hotels and many guesthouses provide fast internet connections that are sufficient for streaming TV. Also what do you use to stream tv? Services such as hulu will require a vpn or dns spoofing service to watch. Otherwise, watching streaming tv at internet cafes may not be possible.
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