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Lactose free products in Tokyo? 2015/10/7 20:41

My girlfriend is lactose intolerant and she recently moved to Tokyo. Traditional Japanese foods rarely (if ever?) contain lactose, so that's not a problem, but a lot of the products in the grocery stores (e.g. bread) contain milk.

I was wondering if anyone else with lactose intolerance could share some advice on where to find lactose free groceries? Is there a certain brand that makes lactose free goods, or perhaps special stores that mostly sell lactose free stuff?

Any advice or tips would be highly appreciated!

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Re: Lactose free products in Tokyo? 2015/10/8 21:57
For milk:

There is soy milk instead of (cow) milk as well.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I thought lactose intolerance was different from milk allergy in that if the milk was highly processed (like in well matured cheese, or yogurt, or used in bread) it would be OK?

In any case, there seem to be some bakeries that sell bread products without any milk or eggs.

"Sukoyaka" series by this bakery:
A bakery chain called "Little Mermaid" (often found in Tokyo) seems to sell their products, but not in all store locations.

Another bakery:
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Re: Lactose free products in Tokyo? 2015/10/10 10:45
The international supermarkets, i.e. Nissin World Deli (03-3583 4586) in Azubu Juban , National Azubu Supermarket in Hiroo, and Kinokuniya in Minami Aoyama (03 34091231) stock soy dairy products like soy yoghurt, soy icecream and definitely soy milk, along with rice , almond, oat, coconut milks. None of these stores are cheap, but if you need that specialist type of food, then give them a phone call and check it out.
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Re: Lactose free products in Tokyo? 2015/10/10 10:48
Sorry for my spelling errors, Azabu Juban, and National Azabu.
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