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How long do eggs last? 2015/10/8 17:15
If a pack of eggs has an expiration date of 2015N1020, I assume this date is for room temperature? How much longer would it last in the fridge?
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Re: How long do eggs last? 2015/10/8 18:47
(1) Room temperature
Dec-Mar (around 10c) : approx. 2 months
Apr-Jun, Oct-Dec (around 23c): approx. 3 weeks
Jul-Sep (around 28c): approx. 2 weeks

(2) In a fridge
Approx. 2 months

Never wash eggs before storing.
You can freeze eggs. When thawed, yolk could be a bit stiff.
Wisk the egg before freezing to avoid this.
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Re: How long do eggs last? 2015/10/8 19:23
You can eat those eggs as raw until 20th.
All eggs must be kept in fridge always.
I recommend you to eat eggs 10-14 days after the expiry date.
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Re: How long do eggs last? 2015/10/8 22:14
The OP is apparently talking about keeping eggs at home in Japan, so I agree with Tokyo Friend 48.

The egg association in Japan says that to avoid salmonella you should keep the eggs in 10 degrees C or lower, which is too cold for a real "room." The association insists that eggs in Japanese households should be kept in the fridge. And either way, cook the eggs as you eat it after the 20th. Don't eat them raw after the date.

Refer to Q1 and Q15 for more details in Japanese.
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