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Hotel reservation information translation 2015/10/11 23:54
Hi guys, can I get some help with translating this please?


I've just made a reservation for a hotel on their Japanese website, and this is in the confirmation email that they've sent me.

Is it something along the lines about charging my credit card the deposit (of some nights out of my entire stay)? My Japanese is elementary so I'm not too sure.

I sure hope not as I don't have a credit card in Japan (I'm a resident), and I don't want them to use my overseas credit card because of exchange rate/bank charges etc.

If *it is* so, can you tell me how to tell them that I can only pay in cash?

Thank you.

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Re: Hotel reservation information translation 2015/10/12 09:21
They will take a copy of your card OR a deposit, so presumably you can just pay the deposit in cash.
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Re: Hotel reservation information translation 2015/10/12 10:26
Thanks Firas. Did they say how much deposit they're going to take? I plan to pay the entire stay's amount at one go with cash during check-in, so I'm not sure what deposit they want. Or did they meant taking a cash deposit first because they're assuming I'm only paying during check-out?

Thanks again!
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Re: Hotel reservation information translation 2015/10/12 13:37
The text says:
"Upon check-in, we ask for either your credit card imprint or a deposit of an amount slightly more than your accommodation fees."

Some hotels ask for payment upon check-in, others at check-out.

I guess they want you to pay upfront, with that "slightly more" amount to cover for incidentals (any mini bar use or phone use). So if you intend to pay with cash upon check-in (be sure to get a receipt for the deposit), that will be fine.

They probably will give you a hand-written receipt for the deposit upon check-in, and upon check-out give you an official printed receipt in exchange for the deposit receipt.
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Re: Hotel reservation information translation 2015/10/12 16:21
Thank you for your reply.

I've just emailed the hotel and after numerous (confusing) exchange thanks to language barrier on both sides, I finally got it.

It's just like you said, I'll be paying for my whole stay in one lump sum, plus extra fees to cover any extra incidental cost.

It's my first time encountering a hotel which requires security deposit, but now I know what to expect if I book this hotel chain in the future.
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