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Buying Yukata 2015/10/20 17:39

We would like to purchase a used or new Yukata or Kimono. We will be in Japan in 22 Dec till 4 Jan in Osaka and Tokyo.

Can you advise where we can get a reasonable price (SGD 100) Yukata?

Thank you

by Jade (guest)  

Re: Buying Yukata 2015/10/21 21:06
The only places I can think of that sell yukata during that time are used clothing stores like Hard Off/Off House, or used kimono stores which *might* have some. But most of the used kimono stores I've been to put that stock away during the winter, since there's little demand for it. I'd search for a Hard Off/Off House in the area, as I've had the best luck with them.
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Re: Buying Yukata 2015/10/22 23:12
How about Nakamise Asakusa in Tokyo.
There are Kimono shops and japanese traditional goods shops.
But many Japanese wear yukata in summer,so maybe you can find few.
I'm sorry, I couldn't help you.
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Re: Buying Yukata 2015/11/17 14:30
There are a lot of shops surrounding the grounds around Senso-ji temple in Asakusa. Look around, but don't settle for the first store you see. There are quite a few of them. There are deals to be had. I picked up a full kimono with obi for 1000 Yen.


This is the place...
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