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Where is Badminton most popular in Japan 2015/10/21 17:54
Hello, my name is Andrew, and I'll be moving to Japan in approximately 9 months for work.

That said, I have a bit of sway concerning where I'm stationed.

I love the sport of badminton and intend to continue playing in Japan as much as possible! I was wondering if anyone could list some of the more popular prefectures where badminton is played.

As I said, I'm looking to play as much as possible. Currently I reside in the United States and it is difficult to find active clubs where I live (Ohio). They seem to have aggregated near the west coast, mostly in California (I assume since this is one of the closest states to East Asia).

If anyone knows of a region where there are known followings of the sport I would be most appreciative!

I would wager large cities like Japan and Osaka are decent hubs, but I have less of a chance to be placed in these immediate regions. Are there any prefectures that are notable for their following? Perhaps on the outskirts of a city?

Any information anyone can provide is genuinely appreciated!
by Andrew S. (guest)  

Re: Where is Badminton most popular in Japan 2015/10/22 17:26
Use Google translate.
"HP" means Home Page(=web site).

But should find Badminton shop first.
All Japanese using "Badminton" as word no worry.
Badminton is バドミントン(same pronunciation).
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Re: Where is Badminton most popular in Japan 2015/11/2 16:14
No idea about organized clubs, but I'm always spotting everyday folks playing badminton in parks around Tokyo. Catches my attention because you just don't see that much badminton in the states.
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