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Drowsy Cold Medicine 2015/10/26 17:28
A while ago I had a pretty bad cold that made it so I couldn't sleep at night, the congestion and headache was too bad. I found a cold medicine at SEIMS that was for head, nose, and throat. It made me drowsy, so I only took it at night.

I'm looking to buy it again for night time, but cannot find it. All the cold medicine I was looking at today had caffeine in it. I take it during the day, but I can't take that at night or else I won't sleep.

I THINK it was this brand... 総合かぜ薬

However, when I went to the store, it all said it had caffeine.

Perhaps I am reading some of them wrong or maybe it's another brand. Can anyone suggest a good cold medicine for night time?
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Since no one seems to be replying 2015/10/28 00:56
総合かぜ薬 is just an ordinary word that means "combination cold remedy" implying that it's a medicine that is good for common colds in general. It's not a brand name.

I Googled "non-caffeine medicine for cold" in Japanese and found this.

According to the article above written in 2013, the following are supposed to not include caffeine.



(葛根湯 is commonly available through many brands, and above are just some examples.)

Hope it helps.
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