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How to type ti 2015/10/26 23:43
How to type ティ / テェ り / リエ I have a Japanese computer with Japanese OS and keyboard. How do I type ティ / テェ ?

Is there a button that lets me make the ア・イ・エ・オ into the smaller version?
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Re: How to type ti 2015/10/27 10:55
thi てぃ ティ
te li ティ in this case l of li means little.

Pronunciation comes Te-i, Tei, like ty.

When Hiragana mode, after push keys "thi", so てぃ will be displayed, then push F7 on IME mode.
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Re: How to type ti 2015/10/27 12:43
Another way to make small character, type 'x 'before each word.

a あ xa ぁ
tu つ xtu っ

F7 is the quick key to change hiragana to katakana.
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