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Quick dinner at Haneda 2015/11/1 21:33
My family of 8 including a young child is flying into Haneda international airport at 8 pm and must catch a domestic flight out of domestic airport at 9.30 pm.

Do food outlets at the International Airport allow take out? If not which restaurant could give a quick no fuss dinner?

Do the Haneda domestic airports have eateries for dinner? If so what type of food. Thanks so much in advance for advice.
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Re: Quick dinner at Haneda 2015/11/2 14:07
No enough time.

Buy something at convenient stores or.
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Re: Quick dinner at Haneda 2015/11/4 01:03
Yes that will be very tight time. Transfer from International to Domestic takes some time. I would wait until you get to Domestic side near your gate first and then decide what to eat in that area. Ramen would be fast but you probably only have enough time for maybe Family Mart if it is near your departure gate.

Hope this helps!!
Have Fun!!
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