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Obara Fureai Park / Shikizakura 2015/11/1 23:24
We will be touring Nagoya, Kyoto & Lake Kawaguchiko in mid Nov. We have purchased a 7D JR Pass and would like to visit Obara Fureai Park / Shikizakura. May I know how to get to Obara Fureai Park / Shikizakura? What is the nearest train station? Thanks.
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Re: Obara Fureai Park / Shikizakura 2015/11/2 11:34
Unfortunately, JR path can not be used.
Meitetsu Toyota City(Toyota shi,豊田市) station closest .
Perhaps, you go from the station, OBARAOKUSA(小原大草 )bus stop is closest.
Bus is about 1 hour.
Please look here train search.
Obara shikizakura
Obara map
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Re: Obara Fureai Park / Shikizakura 2015/11/2 23:08
Dear haro1210,

Thank you for sharing the info with me.

Do you think it is worth the visit to Obara Fureai Park since we will be travelling from Nagoya to Obara Fureai Park?
Understand that the train ride from Nagoya to Toyotashi Station is about one hour & another hour by bus to Obara Fureai Park.

Do you happen to know how much is the bus fare from Toyotashi Station to Obara Fureai Park or is it covered by JR Pass?
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Re: Obara Fureai Park / Shikizakura 2015/11/3 10:36
I have not been there
If you want to really see cherry blossoms, is it going it might be good.
Cherry tree and autumn leaves, it seems both seen.
TripAdvisor reviews
More of korankei, there are many people who go to the general.
Here it is also possible to go by bus from Toyota-shi Station.
Perhaps the opposite direction from the station.
Because the bus is also not a JR, of course path can not be used.
Bus is 600 yen one way.
About 68 minutes.
The bus will leave from the east exit of Toyotashi Station.
However, by the time zone it must also switch on the way, in that case, bus fare increases 100 yen positions when total.
Please refer to the search of the bus here.
Toyotashi station
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