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Eat all in sashimi? 2015/11/2 19:32
Found this picture from my trip. I had various sashimi dishes where they put real leaves in the dish. Not sure if you are supposed to eat the green leave in the picture?


Also, about ebi-sushi. Do people usually eat the hard tail part or throw it away?
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Re: Eat all in sashimi? 2015/11/2 20:37
This particular leaf is something you can and supposed to eat. It's called "shiso" and it's soft and has a nice herbal scent.

But some leaves are just for decoration, so if you see something different, ask before you take a bite.

People usually do not eat the hard raw tail of a shrimp. You just bite off the rest of it and leave the tail on your plate. It's too hard and it's not tastey. I usually eat fried/grilled tails, though.
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Re: Eat all in sashimi? 2015/11/3 00:24
Yes eat the leaf, but be careful with the clump of wasabi on top of it - don't eat it all at once....
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