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Suggestions for a 3 day stay in Kurume 2015/11/3 11:57
Hi all.

Any suggestions for a short 3 day trip in Kurume, Kyushu?
I am considering buying the JR pass (northern Kyushu). Would this be worth the money and time?

Any advice will be great. I don't speak nor read Japanese and I am afraid that I will encounter significant language issues when my wife and I are visiting.
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Re: Suggestions for a 3 day stay in Kurume 2015/11/3 15:28
Any reason why Kurume? Why 3 days?
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Re: Suggestions for a 3 day stay in Kurume 2015/11/3 15:39
Hi jh.

Thanks for replying.

Kurume was chosen simply because of accommodation issues. Fukuoka city happen to be extremely fully booked due to a major concert taking place and remaining rooms / hotels were too expensive. Naturally it came down to booking something outside Fukuoka.

Intending to use Kurume as a base to explore the area but I am unsure where exactly to go. The plan is to go to some other area of northern Kyushu for a day trip and then take the train back to Kurume and rest for the night etc.

I am looking to go to a private onsen to spend a couple of hours there (either in Kurume or elsewhere).

Ideas anyone?
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Re: Suggestions for a 3 day stay in Kurume 2015/11/3 18:34
Kurume has a few sights worth seeing; one of the best is not even on anyone's tourist radar which is a big shame - you should definitely go see the Naritasan Jibo Kannon - it is one of the tallest statues in the world and quite a sight - you can climb up the great Buddha statue almost to the top.
Also about 15 minutes by express train southward on the Nishitetsu line is Yanagawa with its canal boats, and gives a relaxing few hours (fare not covered under the JR Pass however). It is very short and easy to get to Hakata Stn in Fukuoka by bullet train if you can't get accommodations in Fukuoka. There are a number of worthwhile places to see, however. Perhaps the very best is in Sasaguri, about 20 minutes from Hakata Stn by train - the Nanzoin Temple will be something you will never forget.
There are a number of other places to see and things to do for your time.
Be sure to try the tonkotsu ramen, which is quite famous there (and Kurume).
As far as onsen, it is all up to how far you want to travel. The closest hot spring area is Futsukaichi, with a history going back over 1300 years. Not the best, but not far away at all. If you want something better, I'd suggest you go to Kurokawa in Kumamoto. You can ride the train to Kumamoto Stn, or over to Aso Stn. and then get a bus to Kurokawa. The deep forest location and outdoor baths are some of Japan's best. Going to Beppu or Yufuin in Oita is another possibility.
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Re: Suggestions for a 3 day stay in Kurume 2015/11/3 19:06
I see. I was under the impression that you had to be within Kurume for the three days that was making me go bonkus.

I would spend a day in Kurume and another day in Kumamoto and Mt Aso. I would spend a night in Fukuoka for the Yatai Ramen. If you manage to snag a seat at Ichiran Ramen (chain store) all the better. That place is packed even on weekday lunches.

Lastly, a onsen stop at Fukuoka itself or Saga,Arita onsen.
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Re: Suggestions for a 3 day stay in Kurume 2015/11/5 12:11
Many thanks for the wonderful suggestions.

I will take a look at these sites and have a think about it.

I will be back with more questions I reckon.

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