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Translate cards to can play with 2015/11/6 02:18
Well i buy the new Carddass One Piece Cardgame. And i wish to play to this game with my son.
So i try to translate each card, but it's not so easy and i'm here ot ask help to people who have time to help :)
Here you can see some details of this game. http://onepiecepodcast.com/2015/08/03/new-one-piece-card-game-details-...
Well here it's a screen of the first one.
このキャラ表になった時,仲間に (トラファルガー・ロー)がいるなら、+3してカードを1枚引く。いないなら、+1する
このキャラ表になった時,手札を2 枚 捨 札にしてもよい。捨 札にした時、+2する。

I understand that if trafalgar law is on the battle, it's +3, if not it's +1
But not sure it's for who, and don't really understand the rest of the description.
Well if someone have some time to help me, of course there are other card, but each help allow me to understand the wrinting and help me to translate card alone if they look like same.
Thank you
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Re: Need help to translate cards to can play with 2015/11/7 06:53
I don't understand the situation of このキャラ表になった時, but you translate it to "on the battle". if it is correct:
on the battle, if trafalgar law exists as a friend, +3 (add 3 points) and take one card. if he does not exist, +1.
on the battle, you may discard two cards and +2.

there seems to be 3 possibilities.
1. if he exists, add 3 points and take one card.
2. if he does not exist, add 1 point.
3. discard two cards and add 2 points.
you can choose No.3, in both cases when he exists and not exist.(no relation to his existence)

does it make sense ?
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Re: Need help to translate cards to can play with 2015/11/8 00:02
Yes it make a really sense :)
Thank you very much.

But i have something to ask now, it's about the rules.
A friend give me the rules and i tryed to translate but it's more difficult than the card :/ (i succed to translate 40 cards)
But the rules :s
Well i'll put what i don't understand, I hope you or someone else will have time to help me to translate this.
And the second part

ろつのバ卜ルエリアでバ卜ルが終わったら、ろ回のバ卜ルでたて 向きのカードが多い人が相手のライフにダメージを与えます。
たて 向きのカードの数が同じときは、先攻の人が相手にダメージを与えます。
And the second part

And the last

I know that it's not short but i really try and i'm lost with this rules.
Thanks anyway.
Have a great day.
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Re: Need help to translate cards to can play with 2015/11/8 03:00
It's ok for the last asking, i have the translation. I'll come back to ask you more soon :)
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