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Asahi Hakata Brewery and Sapporo Hita Brewery 2015/11/7 08:16
Are we able to go to these breweries without booking a (English) tour?

We're going to Kyushu in December and thought it would be fun to visit these breweries.

When we went to the Sapporo Brewery I'm sure we just turn up and was allowed to walk around and make our own way to the tasting room. Is this the same with these breweries or is booking a tour the only way to visit the Factory? I could not find much info online, except they offer limited English tours that need to be booked.

We both speak okay Japanese so we don't necessarily need the English tour. I would just like to have a look around, taste some beer and visit the gift shop.
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Re: Asahi Hakata Brewery and Sapporo Hita Brewery 2015/11/7 11:47
Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
In the case of English and it needs to be confirmed by phone.
If English is not required at least two people, it can be booked at the home page.
However, it is the screen of the Japanese.
Perhaps, there is a field to enter an address or name.
If you get an issue in the middle of the input, it may be sufficient to contact them by phone.
Here you can be tasting free.
Sapporo is in addition to free tours of the tour, it seems there is a 500 yen of black label tours and Ebisu tour.
The tour is free, but tasting is available at an additional cost.
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