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buying an apple macbook in tokyo 2015/11/7 17:30
Hi all,

I am travelling to Tokyo next week and I would like to buy a 12'' Macbook. I see in the japanese Apple Store web that it is Y184000, which is almost 500€ cheaper than here in Europe.
If i get it without taxes as a visitor with my passport, should I take the package of the computer in my luggage?
What happens in customs if I don't have the package?
I am planning to bring a not-too-big bag with me and maybe I am not going to have enough room for the box...

What is your experience in customs when flying back home?
Thank you very much in advance
by edurne (guest)  

Re: buying an apple macbook in tokyo 2015/11/7 20:24
Apple stores will make a customs declaration form when you purchase a duty free goods. Keep the form carefully until you depart Japan. Just hand the form at the airport custom where you depart. Do not open the package until you depart JP. You will be imposed consumer tax if opened.
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Re: buying an apple macbook in tokyo 2015/11/22 16:26
Hi all,

I have just come back from Tokyo and wanted to share my experience with you all.

Although I had read here and in some webpages about tax free purchases that I had to bring the box unopened with me.

When you buy the object they attach a recipe to your passport. I was in Haneda yesterday. In information and in customs they told me that I could check in my computer and that there was no need to show it to anyone. When you pass the control there is a customs counter where you show your passport, they just keep the recipe and that's all.

BTW I bought it at Bic Camera in Shibuya, the seller wanted me to bargain a little, got quite a good deal :)

Thank you very much for your advice! We have had a very good time in Japan.
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