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Tanpopo tea 2015/11/11 10:04
Trying to find a drink for my young children that is appropriate. I searched for dandelion tea and read that it doesn't contain caffeine and is safe for children. I know Japanese parents give hooji-cha to their kids but when I looked that up, I read that it still contains caffeine! Do the Japanese also commonly give tanpopo tea to their kids? I don't recall seeing tanpopo tea readily sold at the supermarkets though.
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Re: Tanpopo tea 2015/11/11 20:37
I recommend you mugi-cha which is popular caffeine free Japanese tea. You can find it at any ordinary supermarkets and convenience stores.
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Re: Tanpopo tea 2015/11/11 22:24
Oh yes, I also know about mugi-cha, but because we avoid wheat/gluten products, I thought it best to stay away from mugi-cha. But thanks for mentioning that too.
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Re: Tanpopo tea 2015/11/12 09:50
Soba cha (buckwheat tea) is gluten free and caffeine (sp?) free. We usually get it at Karuizawa, though you can get it elsewhere.

It tastes great hot or cold and is really good for you, but it makes you pee like a horse.
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Re: Tanpopo tea 2015/11/12 10:25
Dandelion tea(たんぽぽ茶) and dandelion coffee(たんぽぽコーヒー) seems the same thing.
It is named coffee, but coffee does not contain.
It seems they sell to kaldi.
In addition, it would have sold in the shop of natural food.
Compared to mugi-cha, the price is high.
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