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Movies filmed in tokyo 2005/1/21 06:50
Hello, I'm looking for movies that are filmed in and around the Tokyo area. "Lost in Translation" is a good one, it shows lots of Tokyo scenery. And "Dare mo shiranai" (Nobody Knows) looks like will be a good one too. Any suggestions for other movies filmed in Tokyo? I don't care whether they are english or Japanese, just as long as they are not so obscure that they wouldn't be available in north america.
by Louis  

Tokyo Pop 2005/1/22 18:44 one of my favorite American movie filmed in Tokyo, although it's about 2 decades old now.
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Tokyo Eyes 2005/1/22 19:15
I find this movie interesting because it is directed by a French director, Jean-Pierre Limosin. Japanese directors take much of the Japan scenery for granted and forget to show it; I like this movie because it shows a lot of Tokyo.
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Films in Tokyo 2005/1/22 23:07
It's a bit dated, but what about "James Bond - You Only Live Twice"? Also, wasn't the more recent "Wasabi" with Jean Reno filmed in Tokyo?
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Films in Shibuya 90s 2005/1/22 23:46
Love & Pop
Directed by Hideaki Anno who directed Neon Genesis Evangelion. Based on a story of Ryu Murakami.

Bounce Ko Gals*
Derected by Masato Harada who appeared in "Last Samurai" as Omura.
Blue Ribon Awarded, Best Picture, Directing etc. in 1997.
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japanese but 2005/1/23 10:29
bayside shakedown, 1 and 2 XD actually almost all the japanese shows show japan scenery lol
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. 2005/1/23 11:12
There was this very good short film that aired on PBS about a month ago called ''DOKI DOKI'' (check your local public tv listings), the DVD can be purchased for $10.00 usd.

The movie is about 30min to 1hr long.
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Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift 2007/12/5 06:56
Racing movie set in the streets of tokyo!
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And for that matter ... 2007/12/5 08:58
Tokyo Drifter (1962) dir. Suzuki Seijun

May I ask, why are you compiling this list?
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Oh 2007/12/5 13:20
I just saw the date of the original post.

Back to work now
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Scary Film 2007/12/5 15:18
The Grudge was filmed in Tokyo and the US.
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Babel 2008/9/29 22:13
a film by Alejandro González Iñárritu was partly filmed in Tokyo
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Dai Nippon Jin 2008/9/29 22:43
There is a new movie called Dai Nippon Jin (Big Man Japan). There is shown alot of Tokyo Scenery, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower etc.
Plus it's a very funny film :-)
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babel 2008/9/30 00:33
some part of babel filmed in shinjuku i think
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