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Bus to Lake Tanuki 2015/11/14 23:00
I will go to Shizuoka late January next year. How often the bus run from Fujinomiya station to Shiraito fall and Lake Tanuki during winter season?
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Re: Bus to Lake Tanuki 2015/11/15 16:49
This is the timetable of the bus.
Fujinomiya Stationi•xŽm‹{‰wj
Shiraito FallsiShiraito no taki,”’Ž…‚Μ‘κj
Lake Tanuki (holiday village Fuji,Kyukamura fuji,‹x‰Ι‘Ί•xŽm bus stop)
£ ¨ Saturday, Sunday and holidays suspended service.
’ ¨ Saturday, Sunday and holidays only service.
G ¨ summer only.
™ ¨ Sundays and public holidays only service.
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Re: Bus to Lake Tanuki 2015/11/15 16:49
Seasonal bus Goriki-kun (operated Sat/Sun/National holiday)

Regular bus (operated everyday)
Above timetable not listed all stops jump to bottom.
Fujinomiya station : •xŽm‹{‰w (Fujinomiya-eki)
Shiraito fall : ”’Ž…‚Μ‘κ (Shiraito-no-taki)
Lake Tanuki : “cŠΡŒΞ (Tanuki-ko)
Regular bus fare by route MAP

Bus ticket counter and dep bus stop(No.2) of Fujinomiya station

Photo of Seasonal bus Goriki-kun
Goriki means character of delivery who climb up to mountain hut with heavy products.

Photo of Regular bus (For KYUKAMURA FUJI /‹x‰Ι‘Ί •xŽm)
KYUKAMURA FUJI means National Park Resort hotel and more.
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Re: Bus to Lake Tanuki 2016/12/31 15:43
You may already have found the information you were looking for. I actually live in Fujinomiya and I realized that there isn't enough info in English so I wrote this short blogpost about how to get to Lake Tanuki and the Shiraito Falls.

I hope this helps! :)

Link to bus times 2016-2017:
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