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What is newsprint paper called in japanese? 2015/11/15 21:51
I know they have them here, I've seen small pads of them at Muji. I just want rolls of newsprint.

http://www.georgiagreenbox.com/cheap%20packing%20supplies/packing%20pa... is kind of what i'm talking about. Kawachi in Osaka has "drawing paper" which is heavier and more like construction paper. The kind i'm looking for is literally newspaper and it's usually kinda beige (not pearly white). Any help would be sincerely appreciated!
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Re: What is newsprint paper called in japanese? 2015/11/16 12:11
Actual Japanese newspaper(shinbunshi,新聞紙) looks like.
http://image.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=mcafeess1&p=%E6%96%... % 26st% 3D0
If here, which is published in Muji, it seems of kraft packaging paper(kurahuto konpoushi,クラフト梱包紙).
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Re: What is newsprint paper called in japanese? 2015/12/9 20:05
Wah! You're amazing! THANKS SO MUCH!
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