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Translating my name for a Hanko? 2015/11/15 23:55
Hi there!

My partner and I are moving to Japan in a couple of months and we were read up some stuff regarding Hankos!

I'm super lost and confused about how I could translate my name into Kanji for the Hanko as I have a Chinese Surname!

My full name is Christy Yi-Ling Foo
Surname: Foo
First Name: Christy Yi-Ling

My Partners name is Anthony Cheam
Surname: Cheam

Would it be possible for someone to help me translate these so I can get some Hankos organised?

Thank You!!!!!
by fooyiling  

Re: Translating my name for a Hanko? 2015/11/16 07:31
If you are Chinese, your name should be written in kanji, no? In any case, your hanko can also be in katakana or romaji, but if you plan to officialy register it, contact your city office beforehand to know what is acceptable to them.
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Re: Translating my name for a Hanko? 2015/11/16 08:26
If you are wondering if you "need" hanko for living in Japan, I would say no, because you can open up bank accounts with signatures too.

If you definitely want some hanko made, seeing that you are originally Chinese, can someone in your family give you the kanji for your name? You cannot "reverse" Chinese or Japanese names back into kanji without knowing the exact kanji your name is written in, as (at least in Japanese) there are many kanji with the same sounds.
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