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Looking for the names of authors of a renga 2015/11/20 03:29
Dear All,

Ifm a newbie here and unsure if Ifm posting to the right section of the forum. But you are my last resort... Ifm looking desperately for the names of poets of the following. Itfs literal translation as I donft have poetic translation:

Water silently drips from paddles,
the night is warm and dizzying as wine,
and the jolly moon is walking its way.
One moon – far and high,
another – on the black surface of water.
But be careful! careful... careful...
little boat sways too wildly, be careful...
and you canft catch the moon.

It must be renga (or more precisely, an excerpt of it), as there is clear structure of 3 lines-2 lines-3 lines, and these blocks are gdifferenth but nevertheless connected. One of the authors could be Basho. We are preparing a publication of songs of one (deceased) Lithuanian composer, and in the manuscript of one song this text is attributed to Basho. But this is suspicious as it looks like renga. I guess, the composer found the text in some old magazine (most likely, translated into Lithuanian from Russian), and you know, in Soviet times nobody cared about 100% accuracy. Maybe Basho was who started the renga. But who are the other two? We canft make the publication if we are unsure about our accuracy. Or could it be safe to say something like: Basho and his poetsf circle?

Internet search doesnft help me. Some specialists of Japanese culture here in Lithuania also canft tell. Or could you recommend me some book – large collection of classical rengas in English, which I could buy online? Also tried to search for it with no luck (well, gJapanese Linked Poetryh by Earl Roy Miner, for example, has just 4 rengas included).

I hope, someone could help me. Many thanks!

Linas Paulauskis
by Paulauskis  

Re: Looking for the names of authors of a renga 2015/11/25 03:01
Or could it be that it is not Japanese but Chinese poetry, as some people suggested (because of motives of moon and wine)? If so, I'm sorry for posting wrong question here.
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