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What is this singer singing? 2015/11/21 17:11
Hi, here's a 30 second musical sample of Japanese folk song. Could you please tell me what they are singing? What the lyrics mean. And could you please provide me with the lyrics to this song?
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Re: What is this singer singing? 2015/11/22 10:14
Found only 2nd and 3rd song with full lyric
but using old style Japanese a little harder for translating all.
However, basically all three songs lyrics meanings not so difficult
just singing about "Battle of Dannoura" in 1185(830yrs ago) story as drama.
This story is one of very famous battle of Japan history.
1st song title means prologue of final battle Dannoura.
3rd song title "Yoshitsune(`o)" is main chracter's first name of the long story.

If want to know more search by Japanese "dmY̐킢"(dannoura no tatakai).
Dannoura is still exist as land name in Shimonoseki city of Yamaguchi PF Japan west.
One of famous sightseeing spot. (behind large bridge is Kanmon-kyo)

About SatsumaBiwa(instrument) performer Tsuruta Kinshi(ߓcюj).
(Use google translate)
Tsuruta Kinshi is super low tone voice like male
but "She" is... like "Tracy Chapman", "Janis Joplin " or.

Biwa is one of old instrument with long history born in no paper no text/writing by public period.
So biwa was one of important tool for hearsay as spead news and with as entertainment.
Especially SatsumaBiwa was custumized for theme of battle stoties play.
Satsuma is old domain name of Kagoshima PF area.
This is one of SatsumaBiwa play "battle of Okehazama" story.

Also similar Biwa play style still exist (similar sound also play style)
"Rokyoku(Q)" and "Mandan(k)" with/by "Shamisen" instead.
Playing Shamisen maybe you know as Geisha performance already famous world wide by film or.
But by Shamisen songs and lyrics stoties theme are no old battle usual.
Biwa using for "Kaidan(Kwaidan)" stories performance effect matched well.
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