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Name in kanji? 2015/11/24 11:55
How can i write the name "Masao" so it means "righteousness"? Looking for the kanji spelling... it would also be helpful if you could describe the individual kanji since i barely know any.
bonus if anyone knows other japanese names that mean noble, righteous, etc.
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Re: Name in kanji? 2015/11/24 16:10
The common kanji for "correct, righteous" is , which can be pronounced "masa" and is often combined with j or v, which both mean "man", to form Masao. (Incidentally, one of my professors is named v.)

Another possibility is , which can also mean "pure" or "clean" (for example it is used in the word meaning "innocent", e.g., of a crime). In names it is generally pronounced "kiyo". YOu can combine it with m (meaning "warrior", "samurai") to form m "Kiyoshi".
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Re: Name in kanji? 2015/11/24 17:43
Are you trying to come up with a name (for your son, for example), or, are you trying to figure out how to write the name of an existing Japanese acquaintance of yours with the name Masao, who told you his name meant "righteousness"?

If it's the latter, note that that can end up as a guessing game only. (There is no way to know if it is written Y, v, or j, for example, as the first kanji that means "correct, right" is common but the second all can be used in combination to read "o.")

Oh, since you are asking for other names, it must be the former. If you want "noble" in the name, that could be Mv, for example, pronounced "Takao" and the first kanji means "noble." Another one would be v, another one pronounced "Takao," and the first kanji also means "noble."
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Re: Name in kanji? 2015/11/24 17:59
There are some Kanji names pronouced "Masa" & "O".
As masa
leader general
righteousness justice
noble elegant grace
D exellent gentle tender kind
win overcome

As O
j man strong-man
v husband master man
Y man big-mind-man

Though there are other many kanjis pronouced as "masao",
YAv might be possible as what is like with your want.
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