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Japanese Desserts? 2005/1/22 08:50
Are there any Japanese desserts? Our Book club wants to serve food to loosely follow theme of Memoirs of a Geisha and don't know what to serve, besides tea...
by Ruth  

wagashi 2005/1/22 23:57
wa(japanese style)
by washi rate this post as useful

Maccha 2005/1/24 22:05
Is Maccha, green tea powder, available in your town?
If so, how about Maccha pudding adding Maccha instead of vanilla, or just mixing vanilla ice cream with Maccha?

I like cooking, but I am not interested in desserts. From my point of view, Japanese traditional desserts are rather hard to prepare.

In case you can find Maccha, I am glad to help you more.
by pacman rate this post as useful

Japanese Dessert 2005/1/27 01:29
Japanese desserts like mochi are available in japan towns or japanese markets. Also, Trader Joes carries green tea mochi ice cream and other flavors.
by Pavi rate this post as useful

Thanks for Japanese dessert info 2005/1/27 05:52
Thanks to those who replied about suggestions for Japanese desserts. It sounds like the Japanese people have much healthier eating habits than we Americans, when there are so few dessert options! Thanks again.
by Ruth rate this post as useful

dame 2005/1/27 07:07
Pavi, what is jap markets?
by cc rate this post as useful

MOCHI 2005/2/18 17:56
What is green tea mochi icecream ?

I like Mochi very much. where can I have a cooked mochi in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara ?
by Mao rate this post as useful

mochi ice cream 2005/2/19 00:10
A Japanese-American bakery in LA developed it. It's a small ball of very soft mochi filled with ice cream. Different flavors: green tea, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, mango, etc. Other brands also make it.

Available at Asian markets and seasonally at Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's just started carrying a green tea gelato--mmmm....smooth...

Another desset idea--top vanilla ice cream with tsubushi an (sweetened, cooked chunky-style azuki beans). Available in cans at Asian grocery or Asian food aisle in regular supermarket.

Serving fruit, especially orange slices is a traditional dessert.

by fruit is dessert rate this post as useful

. 2005/2/25 19:16
Where can I eat icecream mochi in Tokyo? At any station?

by Mao rate this post as useful

Mao 2005/2/28 01:47
If you like the combination of mochi and ice cream, look for any Japanese style cafe (an-mitsu-ya). They are often located in shopping archades and department stores, and you will know because many of them have fake food displays at the entrance. They will have several dishes combining mochi (to be precise, "shiratama") and ice cream.

Also, sweets combining mochi and ice cream are often available at supermarkets and convenience stores.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Japanese Desserts 2005/7/24 17:49
Japanese Desserts
Green Tea Chocolate Cake
Rare Cheese Cake (not baked)
Steamed Chestnut Cake
Azuki Shiratama (Cold sweet dumplings)
Manjhu (steamed cake)
Ohagi (sweet rice balls)
Coffee Jell-o
Yokan (azuki bean jell-o)
Deep fried Potato Cakes
Chocolate Rice Cakes
Dorajaki Cakes with Azuki Beans
Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

by Japanese Desserts rate this post as useful

ice cream 2005/9/20 12:17
when i went to japan i tried some wierd ice cream flavors such as wasabi, tofu, sesame, i like sesame the best
by cliff rate this post as useful

don't forget 2005/9/20 16:43
tai yaki- fish shaped pastery with sweet bean filling
custard pudding
nato de coco- served with fruit
ichigo caki- strawberry shortcake
by mmm rate this post as useful

"jap" is derogatory 2006/1/5 09:09
fyi: some japanese may take offense to the term "jap" is like calling a african-american a "n-----"
by yukino rate this post as useful

Lots of Great Japanese Deserts! 2006/1/6 00:02
I learned that on my recent trip!
Tai-yaki is great. It's also fun to watch the street vendors make it. I like mochi with sweet red beans too.
I tried lots of Japanese deserts and sweets but can't remember the names of most of them. Sorry! One thing about Japanese deserts is that they de not seem as "sweet" as American deserts. So you could eat more than one without feeling like you are having a sugar over-dose. We stopped at a highway rest stop that had a bakery, the variety of sweet breads and rolls was incredible! We bought about 8 varieties and they were all good.
by Carl rate this post as useful

Anmitsu and Daifuku 2006/3/27 10:02
Those are traditional Japanese desserts. Try looking up recipes for them. But, usually, Japanese use fresh fruit for desserts.
by kid doing school project rate this post as useful

. 2006/4/28 04:04
I really like Warabimochi. Some kind of mochi like cubes with some yellow bean powder over it and syrupy sauce!

Also, Annin-Dofu ice cream. (Almond Tofu, chinese flavour?) Unbelievably refreshing!

by Rouge rate this post as useful

... 2007/8/11 20:30
In 2005, I had a cup of shiratama at a small shop in Kamakura. It's great!

In this September, I am going to Tokyo again. Please give me any idea about Anmitsu with icecream in Tokyo.
by Mao rate this post as useful

Crean anmitsu 2007/8/12 00:45
As a native Tokyoite and anmitsu lover,
I would recommend the below
three shops.


Asakusa Umezono


by Rei rate this post as useful

. 2007/8/12 15:55

Thanks. I will go there.
by Mao rate this post as useful

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