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how to apologize 2015/11/25 20:19
My local delivery company are great and arranged a redelivery for this evening.

Unfortunately, the volume of my doorbell that rings in the other room is pathetic and I missed the redelivery. What can I say to (a) apologize profusely to the very busy driver + reason for that, and (b) ask what to do next/how to get my parcel (this is 3rd delivery attempt)?
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Re: how to apologize 2015/11/26 19:31
I don't know how fluent you are in Japanese, but let me give you a suggestion; I guess you are going to call them again, right?

Probably you need to state your name & address and/or tracking number.
(a) Sai-haitatsu wo tanonda no desu ga, gomennasai, intaafon no oto wo kiki-nogashite shimaimashita. (I asked for a re-delivery, but, sorry, I missed hearing the sound of the door bell.)
O-isogashii no ni, sumimasen deshita. (I'm sorry to have done this while you are so busy.)

(b) Mata sai-haitatsu wo onegai shitai no desu ga, (I would like to ask for re-delivery again), yoroshii desu ka? (is that OK?)

Then they will probably ask what date and time slots you want them to come.

If you are afraid you might miss that sound again, you "could" tell them that you will surely be at home, so in case you don't answer the door bell could them please call you on the phone number (listed on the label).

By the way, it does happen that people miss hearing the doorbell when they are just temporarily out on the balcony, etc., so if you say sorry and thank them upon finally receiving it, that will be fine :)
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Re: how to apologize 2015/11/27 12:40
You say arigato
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Re: how to apologize 2015/11/27 19:55
@ Sata
| You say arigato

Your contribution to this thread has been fabulous. Well done, indeed.
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Re: how to apologize 2015/11/29 10:14
Thanks AK!

Arigato Sata...
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