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Off-Piste Skiing Locations 2015/11/30 21:35
Hi All,

I've got a friend which is looking to come to ski in Japan during Chinese New Year. I know or quite a few good ski resorts, but there is something which you guys may know more about.

My friend is a bit more of the adventurous type (used to be a mountain climber). He's looking for a possible ski resort/location which has good skiing, along with the possibility to ski true off-piste, not just in the trees which some resorts allow . Equipment hire and possible English help with possible courses would also be beneficial if it's known.

I know I'm asking a lot - but any guiding would be much appreciated for possible locations/people etc....
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Re: Off-Piste Skiing Locations 2015/12/1 11:47
Sounds like the resorts around Niseko may have what you're looking for. They are popular for their off piste skiing and have special zones where you can hike into. In addition, they offer various other packages such as heli-skiing and cat-skiing.

I know that some of the tour guides in Minakami also offer backcountry skiing tours that might also fit the bill if travelling to Hokkaido is too far.
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Re: Off-Piste Skiing Locations 2015/12/1 13:30
Hakkoda in Aomori is what your friend is looking for although it might be a bit intimidating for someone who only skis groomed slopes. It's best to hire a guide there.

You can get disoriented and lost there easily. You don't want to end up like Corporal Goto in 1902.

Goto Death march:
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Re: Off-Piste Skiing Locations 2015/12/2 11:53
When I search with the keyword "back country japan", I found also tour such as Hakuba.
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Re: Off-Piste Skiing Locations 2015/12/16 22:08
when i was in Nagano earlier this year, i mt a local solo backcountry skiier from Tokyo (we stay at Moritomizu).
He said there is a lot to explore in Nagano that he keep coming every few weekend over the winter season.
Unfortunately i cant recall which part of Nagano he was exploring.
somewhere between Nagano stn and Hakuba
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Re: Off-Piste Skiing Locations 2015/12/16 23:40
Thanks for the replies guys. I've passed on the info to my friend - along with some info from another friend who also likes to do slightly stupid but amazing things (think walk up some of Fuji and snowboard down.....). Mt Hakkoda seems to be amazing - but he might go up to Niseko is he does not feel adventurous. On a side note - I had to keep on telling him YOU COULD NOT hike up Fuji in the middle of winter. Let's just say he's done a bit more than most of us when it comes to skiing and climbing mountains....
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