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Where to get ears pieced in Tokyo? 2015/12/3 20:46
Hey all.

So im new to the piecing game and dont fully know how it works even back home in north america.

i want to get both my ears pieced with specific type of studs i have in mind. Very simple, just in the lobes

I am told that you have to go to a clinc?

either way can anyone let me know how and where I should go? I want to maybe try tomorrow or this weekend during the day. I live in nakano so preferably near here :P

Also My japanese is not the best so if there are options that might help me it would be appreciated!
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Re: Where to get ears pieced in Tokyo? 2015/12/4 12:03
In the States I know there are shops in malls where you can buy earrings for pierced ears and the shop staff does the piercing for you.

In Japan there are some shops who do that, but I would recommend getting it done at a clinic. They pierce your ears with the proper first pair, of proper post diameter and material (probably titanium) and small stud. This will be the pair you keep on constantly for the coming six weeks or so until the pierced holes stabilize to some extent. Be sure to (if you get your hair permed) do that before you get your ears pierced, because for a while you cannot expose your earlobes to the perm solutions.

Either dermatologist clinic or cosmetic surgery clinic.

I just did some googling, and around Nakano, Tsubasa Clinic (Nakano Central Park) came up. You'd need to call (or go) to book.
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Re: Where to get ears pieced in Tokyo? 2015/12/6 13:45
Go to a clinic. Piercing without medical license is simply illegal in Japan.
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