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Help with grammar 2015/12/6 04:49
Hello, folks. Need help with grasping this。
If I want to say: Takeshi went camping, went for a drive, etc. Would it be correct to say たけしさんは キャンプに 行ったり、ドライブに 行ったりしました ?
by Daigakusei Osuro  

Re: Help with grammar 2015/12/6 17:40
Yes, that sounds fine.
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Re: Help with grammar 2016/1/4 16:20
Hi there
I'm Japanese, it sounds very natural and fine!
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Re: Help with grammar 2016/1/8 01:14
That's almost fine. But it's more natural to add interrogative word「か」at the ending.
I mean,
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