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The Meat Guy Japan 2015/12/6 17:51

Has anyone ever ordered from The Meat Guy Japan? We are looking to order some of their deli meats for a small gathering in January, but I have not found many reviews on this website. Trustworthy?
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Re: The Meat Guy Japan 2015/12/7 10:53
I used to order from him pretty frequently in the past, and they always had great product and excellent customer service. I still go to them for special things that are hard to find locally (corned beef, oxtail, etc), but I haven't tried their deli meats beyond a few salamis.
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Re: The Meat Guy Japan 2015/12/7 11:55
I've ordered a lot of meat from them, and it's always good.

I never order cold cuts though, because I live in Tokyo and I can just go to Nissin in Azabu-Juban.
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Re: The Meat Guy Japan 2015/12/7 15:32
Thank you for your response. I am very happy to hear it is a trustworthy and good service.
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