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Question about Oboke Stop 2015/12/10 23:25
Can somebody here please give me some advice about Oboke Stop?

ILll be next March in Tokushima and afterwards ILll go to Kochi by JR train and would like to make a brief stop at Oboke Station just to have a look around. I think I could stay there something like 3-4 hours till the next train to Kochi arrive.

Questions: would it be worth to stop at Oboke for those 3-4 hours considering the walking distances from and around the station or not?

How can I spend 3.4 hours around the area?

I love to enjoy nature and nice landscapes!

Shall I better go straight to Kochi instead of stopping at Kobe for such a short time?

Are there coins locker at Oboke station?

Thanks for any advice!

by Chelote  

Re: Question about Oboke Stop 2015/12/11 09:24
In Oboke you can take the river cruise

From Oboke stn you can also take a bus to the Kazurabashi bridge

The last time I was there Oboke station was just a small unmanned shack so you might be better off sending your luggage ahead to Kochi.
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Re: Question about Oboke Stop 2015/12/12 05:37
Thanks Kms for your advice!

Yes, I could have time to take the bus to Kazurabashi bridge!

The boat tours look very interesting, but I will be there on March so, what about the weather at that time? Is it maybe still too cold and windy?

The main problem by making a stop at Oboke will certainly be that there are not coins lockers at the station!! I can not walk around with my luggage!

Is there maybe some restaurant or shop near the station?

Thanks again for any advice!

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Re: Question about Oboke Stop 2015/12/12 10:53
according to this page there are coin lockers at Oboke station, of course there's no guarantee that any will be available when you need one.

there are a few shops near the station, but I'm not sure if they would be open or willing to hold your luggage for you. Again, forwarding your luggage to Kochi via takkyubin would be your best bet.
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Re: Question about Oboke Stop 2015/12/13 16:56
Thanks Kms again for your advice.

If there are coins lockers at Oboke station itLd be perfect!

But once again: where is worthier to make a brief stop: at Awa-Ikeda or at Oboke station? ILll be on the way to Kochi by train.

I can imagine both areas are very interesting to walk around, but what would you suggest? Where should I better stop? I love nature and nice landscapes!

Thanks for any advice! and have a nice day.

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