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Baseball Trip September 2016 2015/12/13 04:00
Alright, there seems to be some very knowledgeable and helpful people on this board, so I thought I would post my tentative Japanese Baseball itinerary and see if anyone has any suggestions for me. Thank you in advance!
Arrive Tokyo (NRT) on Tuesday 9/6/16 at 9pm
9/7 Tokyo - Yokohama Bay Star Home Game.
9/8 Tokyo - Seibu Lions Home Game
9/9 Tokyo - Yakult Swallows Home Game
9/10 Nagoya – Dragons Home Game
9/11 Osaka - Orix Buffaloes Home Game
9/12 - Open
9/13 - Open
9/14 Osaka - Hashin Tigers Home Game
9/15 Hiroshima - Carp Home Game
9/16 Tokyo Giants and/or Sumo Grand Championship – Tokyo

Depart Tokyo NRT 9/17/16 at 11 am.

I am interested if anyone can provide a more efficient itinerary to see as much baseball in as many different parks as we can. I would prefer not to spend 4 days in Osaka, but Hiroshima is a must.

Also, if anyone has any specific points of interest along the way (Lodging, Restaurants, Factory Tours) I would enjoy suggestions. I am not terribly interested in the run of the mill tourist spots, but more of the off the beaten path stops. Underground Flea Markets, Factory Tours, Local Dive Bars and the like.

I plan to purchase a two week JR pass, so anything near the stations would probably be preferable.
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Re: Baseball Trip September 2016 2015/12/14 07:00
I think you better to wait until the official game schedule is confirmed.

There are number of typhoons come and go in September. The game will be cancelled until the typhoo goes because of transport reasons eventhough it will be played in Dome type ballpark.
So I would recommend you to think some options other than baseball watch.
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Re: Baseball Trip September 2016 2015/12/15 05:05
What an awesome trip. (forget about the stray typhoon comment, they occur all year, just a few extra in Aug-Sep).

Definitely the Carps at home - they are a great crowd and even famous in Japan. If you can get sumo tickets, that would be a different, but interesting experience after the baseball.

Factory tours - Toyota Keikan in Nagoya, Mazda in Hiroshima (both need advance bookings). There is the Yokohama factory/night cruise too (I have a spare week in Tokyo so I will be doing that in January.) The Cup Noodle museum is a bit quirky, but interesting.

I had friends that went to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (also Nagoya) and they liked it.
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Re: Baseball Trip September 2016 2015/12/15 23:42
Nothing is set in stone yet except for the flight dates. Obviously we will have no control over the weather and have an extensive list of activities outside of baseball that we can explore if need be, but this is a Baseball trip and seeing as many baseball games in as many different parks is the number one priority.

Thank you both for your insight, I look forward to when the schedule is finalized with times so I can start doing some more in depth planning. Only 9 months and counting!! Cant Wait!

Tokyo Friend - - Can you give me a little more information about the rain out policies in the Nippon League. You said if there is a typhoon, they will cancel games regardless of if they play in a dome or not. How much advance notice is there usually? How do the make up games usually work? Can I return my tickets if I will not be in town when the make up game is scheduled? Do they ever play double headers?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Baseball Trip September 2016 2015/12/21 02:47
Do Japanese baseball teams give away bobbleheads at games during the season?

Where would I find the dates for promotional giveaways?
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