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Current Popular Actors/Singers 2015/12/16 14:14
Can anyone recommend some current popular actors, singers, comedians, etc here in Japan?

Looking for people who junior high school students will know.

My students tell me my list is outdated (Arashi, EXILE, etc), but then when I ask who they like all they say are American actors and singers with the exception of Jason the comedian.

Can anyone give me any Japanese people?
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Re: Current Popular Actors/Singers 2015/12/17 08:04
May J
One Ok Rock
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Re: Current Popular Actors/Singers 2015/12/17 08:17
im no expert in entertainment and listen to anything i find nice regardless to singer/band.
When i met my friends (japanese) back in august, they were into One OK rock as they went to rock festival.

Maybe Perfume ?
Once in a while i do listen to Babymetal too.
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Re: Current Popular Actors/Singers 2015/12/21 16:15
TV stars

Boys loves Anime/Game songs(OP/ED) by voice actress or Ani-son/Ga-son singer
also especially girls idol unit of Anime story charactors "Love live", "iM@s","WUG!","Yuru-Yuri" and more.
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