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Buying bigbang Concert tickets in Feb ? 2015/12/17 19:06
Hello! So I will be visiting Japan in Feb, which happens to overlap with bigbang Concert that is happening. I'm not very familiar with the ticketing system in Japan. I was just curious if anyone can help or give advice on how to obtain a ticket for this concert?
by fatmah (guest)  

Re: Buying bigbang Concert tickets in Feb ? 2015/12/18 08:05
bigbang concet tickets are very competitive to buy.
If you are not a member of bigbang fan club, it's unlikely you wiil have a chance to buy it. There are so many fans who belog to the fan club still unable to buy it.
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Re: Buying bigbang Concert tickets in Feb ? 2015/12/18 16:46
In Japan, generally there is a fanclub presale lottery, a general sales lottery, and finally general sales. Unfortunately like the poster above said, Big Bang is incredibly popular and the tickets will likely be gone in the fanclub lottery. Your best bet if you don't have access to Japanese auctions is to show up on the day and try to find someone with an extra ticket- there are usually a few people with sick or no-show friends who will sell their tickets for the list price, not scalpers. There's no guarantee though and you'll have to speak some Japanese.

Goods are usually located outside the venue, so if you're interested you could still go buy goods even without having a ticket.
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Re: Buying bigbang Concert tickets in Feb ? 2015/12/20 17:38
Hi Fatma,

Your name sounds familiar to me maybe I knew you from twitter? Anyway, I am also planning to attend the Tokyo Dome concert and I am a member of fanclub but haven't entirely decided yet. If I happen to win an extra ticket from fanclub I will post it here.
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