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Buying used snowboard gear in Sapporo 2015/12/21 23:33
Hey all, I've been searching like made the last few weeks, and I'm getting the picture that a used set up will only cost me 5000-10000 yen, which is perfect because I'm not an experienced snowboarder, I just want to save money on renting the gear. I figured buying used and then selling or giving away the gear would still be cheaper than 2 weeks worth of renting, my only problem is no one can give me ACTUAL STORE NAMES!! Everyone just gives me vague descriptions of the area these bargains can be found in, which is pretty useless to someone who is just visiting! So if anyone can give me store names or even better store websites so I can get an idea of how I will be spending on what will be AMAZING!
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Re: Buying used snowboard gear in Sapporo 2015/12/22 01:02
I see used gear in Hard Off/Off House every year. There are a few around Sapporo. http://www.hardoff.co.jp
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