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Where to celebrate new year? 2015/12/27 20:52
I am a working gaijin here in tokyo. I have no friends yet. Where can you recommend to celebrate new year? I want a fireworks display, at the same time, an opportunity to meet new people. I dont drink by the way
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Re: Where to celebrate new year? 2015/12/28 12:22
Winter is not fireworks season.
The only easy place I know to visit for fireworks on NY eve is US Naval base at Yokosuka.
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Re: Where to celebrate new year? 2015/12/28 13:50
Fireworks season in Japan is in the Summer.

New Year's Eve in Japan is very important day/celebration for the Japanese. It is not a time of partying in Western context, but a time of reflection. Indeed, those of my Japanese friends who I do not hear from much of the year make sure that I receive New Year's wishes.

Most Japanese people welcome the New Year at a temple or shrine to hear the traditional 108 tolls of the temple/shrine bell(s) to 'rid their sins of the previous year.' Special mochi (rice cakes) are also made and eaten on New Year's day.

Perhaps you can find some expat venues if you want a more Westernized celebration (and you are certainly under no obligation to drink).

That said, since you are in Japan, why not partake in a traditional New Year's Eve at a temple /shrine. It would be a new, and unique, experience for you.

Either way, Happy New Year :)

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