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American video game stores 2015/12/30 13:29
Hi! I was wondering if they have a american video game stores in Japan? I'm moving to Japan and I still want the same kind of video games they have in america such as sims3, minecraft, and Call of duty. Thank you for your time!
by Kawii4life200410 (guest)  

Re: American video game stores 2015/12/30 19:13
Pretty much any Video Game store should sell Americans AAA Title.

The prices there are much more expensive than American or European prices for those games.

If you are using PC buy online your codes and activate them for steam. Or use the webbrowser to purchase games for Steam so you can buy from American steam store even while being in Japan.
Or for Minecraft buy directly from the official site.

A warning for PC games a lot aren't playable in Japan or have a huge delay. Check before buying

For Console, buy online your money cards for your selected country. And buy from the build-in console shop.
Which is recommended by the huge delay western games have before release in Japan compared to the west.

And for Console I don't know if it's still in place but there was a problem that Japanese game DVD Blue-Ray couldn't be used by western consoles.
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Re: American video game stores 2015/12/30 22:59
Do you think they have the sims3? Its a life simulation game
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