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Japanese Fortune Translation? 2016/1/2 23:27
I got these two slips of paper and I think they're fortunes?

On the back, there are picture-instructions indicating to fold it up and tie it on a wishing tree, so I assume they are fortunes.

Can someone translate for me?

Thank you so much!

by Summer (guest)  

Re: Japanese Fortune Translation? 2016/1/3 21:24
The both of the fotunes are best cards.

(Sorry for my poor translation)

The left one:
- Fortune No.17
- Totally : Excellent luck
- Always prepare to study.
Whenever, and wherever, Your passion and will-power is required to learning.
Your strong will to be better parson changes yourselves of future.
When you have Ambition, chance to learn comes to you every day.
- Health: Take attention not to make small injuryies.
- Love : Happy is waiting for you.
- Study : Plan your goal.
- Work : Be prudent.
- Victory : Daily training is meaningful.
- Marrige : Good person will come to you.
- Travel : Going to North place is good.
- Business : Make trust relationship to success.
- Moving residence : Listen to others opinion.
- Loss : Ask to close person of you, then you can find it.
- Baby : Will be safely born. And grows healthy.
- Hope : Do not speak lot. Spend your power to Do.

The right one:
- Fortune No.6
- Totally : Excellent luck
- Never give up before trying.
As you know "We don't know that Goddess of victory smiles upon whom".
We also do not know such goddess is exists or not, but your training must grows yourselves.
Challenge, not be fear. You must get some thing over victory or loses.
- Health: You should check and improve your lifestyle habits.
- Love : Your wish comes true if you improve yourself.
- Study : Plan with think to long term.
- Work : Crossing opinions make good ideas.
- Victory : Default if you can't judge.
- Marrige : Trust your self to be happy.
- Travel : Overland route is better than airline.
- Business : Make deeper relationship with your friends.
- Moving residence : You don't need to lose your head.
- Loss : Search near of you then you can find it.
- Baby : relax makes safely born.
- Hope : At first, it might be not good. But it must realize.
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Re: Japanese Fortune Translation? 2016/1/8 01:10
Hi there! I'm also in need of help for an omikuji I got from Naritasan, was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me translate and understand what it means?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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Re: Japanese Fortune Translation? 2016/1/8 12:43
Thank you, Nattyan, for the translation!
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