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Buying sold-out concert tickets 2016/1/6 08:06
Hi everyone! I'm visiting Japan this spring and want to go to a concert of Gackt. Because at first I couldn't find correct ticket information in English, I now missed to start of the ticket sale and the concert is already sold out :(

I then searched on different websites and found out that the only tickets available are really expensive, as I already expected. Then I found this website and the prices are very different and sometimes very low. Maybe because there are also auctions on this website, so prices will go up, and maybe these are people who have a spare ticket instead of big compagnies, so they won't overprice it?


Anyway, I can't read Japanese so I would like to know if anyone can tell me why the prices are so different and if anyone has any experiences with this website so it will be safe to buy?

Also if anyone has another idea on how I can still get a ticket please let me know!
Thank you for reading and I hope someone can help me ;)
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Re: Buying sold-out concert tickets 2016/1/6 18:46
Are you talking about some really low prices like "1,000 yen per ticket"? Those with "*" and a note in the price column mean "you need to pay for the tickets separately," meaning those are just selling the "rights" to purchase tickets, so payment for the tickets themselves needs to be made when you pick up the tickets at a convenience store after you win (it looks like one tickets costs 17,000 - 19,000 yen or so). And this is another auction site too, so you never know what the winning bid will be.
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Re: Buying sold-out concert tickets 2016/1/6 22:17
Which shows/dates are you looking for? A lot of people in the international fan community here have extra tickets since people lottery for multiple shows. Try oh gackt you didn't or other international fan coms on FB or LJ, I think there may be a sticky post for extras. If you're looking for that Yokohama show it seems to have been the easiest to get tickets for and many people have spares.

It's also pretty easy to get a ticket day of from people with extras or friends that couldn't make it if you're early enough. Gackt fans are really nice, though you may need someone to help you with making a sign in Japanese or showing you how to read their extra ticket signs.
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Re: Buying sold-out concert tickets 2016/1/7 08:49
One other thing- no one actually has tickets yet. We pay way in advance and get a receipt, then pick up the actual tickets around 2 weeks before the show. There's no way to know yet who has good or bad seats (except for those who paid for premium seats), and if you buy a 'ticket' meaning a reservation number now you would still have to exchange it for tickets at a convenience store yourself.
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Re: Buying sold-out concert tickets 2016/1/7 18:35
Thank you very much for answering! I indeed want to go to the Yokohama concert.

I think it's a bit risky for me to buy tickets from that auction site, since my Japanese isn't that good yet. I'll definitly ask some fans from communities and hope someone has a spare. It's also good to know that nobody has their ticket yet. I went to see Gackt a few years ago and my friend had to pick it up at a convience store within a week after purchase, so I didn't think it would be different now.

So I hope I'll get a ticket and thank you very much for helping! :)
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