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Extra Bigbang VIP Ticket for Fukuoka? 2016/1/7 20:12
Hi Guys!

I was able to apply for a BIGBANG VIP fan club ticket for February 6, 2016 in Fukuoka as the lottery is currently underway, but my friend who is not a fan club member would also like to go with a VIP ticket. Any suggestions on how I can get another one? They only accept one per fan club member.

Thank you!
by Nona (guest)  

Re: Extra Bigbang VIP Ticket for Fukuoka? 2016/1/9 08:26
First make sure she could even use it- a lot of times VIP tickets are only for fan club members and only the person whose name is on the ticket can use it (they check fan club card and photo ID at the door).

If it is ok for anyone to use a ticket, with them limited to one per fanclub member your only hope is probably to put word out in the fan community that if anyone suddenly can't go you'll take their ticket, and to vigilantly watch auction sites and have a lot of cash on hand.
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