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I need a translation 2016/1/10 03:45
A japanese boy, who I know for a year, wrote me this


He is from Ōsaka! How do you translate it? Please save me hahaha thank you!
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Re: I need a translation 2016/1/10 12:18
An incomplete sentence, I cannot figure out without the context, otherwise I have to assume a misspelling or two.

Maybe he just wanted to write:
俺が会いたいんだし I want to meet, so...
俺の方が会いたいんだし It's me who wants to meet, so...
俺の(?)が会いたいんだし My (?) wants to meet, so...

As it is, the only interpretation I can make is that 俺の is "mine," my wife" or "my girlfriend," so it sounds like his girlfriend wants to meet...
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Re: I need a translation 2016/1/20 16:11
Did you wirte what he wrote correctly?
yes, I almost agree with that person who was the first answer to your question.
I guess your friend who wanted to tell you that
it is me who wants to meet you, not you.
So I think he really want to miss you from this sentence.
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Re: I need a translation 2016/1/20 17:47
You can never expect an accurate translation without context. That said, as suggested, のが is a colloquial expression that is short for の方が, if that makes sense in your context. We from the older generation only see it used in manga, though ;)
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