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Konnyaku park 2016/1/11 22:17

RE: http://konnyaku-park.com/

We are planning to visit Konnyaku park in our next Japan trip.
Could anyone please advise if there is public bus from JR Takasaki Station to the park?
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Re: Konnyaku park 2016/1/12 12:26
There is not a direct bus as far as I can find. Your easiest route would be from Takasaki Station, switch to the Joshu Line (exit Takasaki Station gate and turn right, go to the end of the building and take the left-hand staircase down. The entrance to the Joshu lines is at the bottom of the staircase). Take that line to either Joshu Tomioka (home of the Tomioka Silk Mill) or the next station, Joshu Fukushima, then take a taxi to the park. Alternately, the park is about a 30 minute walk from Joshu Fukushima.

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Re: Konnyaku park 2016/1/12 18:23

Thank you for your speedy reply.
Looks like getting off at Joshufukushima Station would be the best option.
Will check the timetable from Hyperdia later.
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