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Japanese music 2016/1/17 18:37
Hi there

I am trying to learn japanese so thought id listen to some music on you tube or something . So i could at least pick up some words . Anyway its not that i couldnt find anything but i was wondering if you could name me a few artist ( singers , bands ) that i could look up and give a listen .

Much apreciated

Thanks in advance .
by Huseyin (guest)  

Re: Japanese music 2016/1/18 09:05
I suggest bands like SID and singers like Yui Horie or LiSA. È( 'ƒ¦' )È
VOCALOID music is also really good too.
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Re: Japanese music 2016/1/18 11:34
What type of music do you normally like to listen to? I can give some recommendations based on just music I enjoy listening to (Fukuhara Miho, back number and many others), but knowing what you generally like will give a better chance of finding something you like and to your own taste. But if you're looking for music that will help you pick up Japanese a bit, then Kiroro have some good easier songs for listening to, and I find Chemistry good for that purpose too as they enunciate really well. Some artists take a bit more work to understand what they're saying! Other artists, like ELLEGARDEN, are a good rock band but their stuff is mostly in English so wont really help you.
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Re: Japanese music 2016/1/18 12:55
It might be a good teacher.

Their pronunciation is beatiful.

I suppose that theirs might be better than the native japanese,
because the native japanese pronunciation is often effected by the country slang but they don't have it.
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Re: Japanese music 2016/1/18 13:05
I would suggests nishino kana, sandaime J soul brothers, crystal kay, chemistry, hirai ken, shimizu shota and many more. Their song is easy to understand if u read the lyrics. if compare rock song, i find it is fast and noisy so i can't understand the meaning.
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Re: Japanese music 2016/1/18 15:09
You should watch anything from the annual Year End "Kohaku Uta-gassen" TV show.

The show features the most popular songs from each year, regardless of genre, and the great thing is that the lyrics are subtitled.

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Re: Japanese music 2016/1/19 03:50
There are so many. Slow folk song types would suit you. Some subbed with lyrics in Japanese, English, or Spanish.
I like Yuzo Kayama
Other mixes like Teresa Teng(beautiful voice, R.I.P.), etc.
Old Sukiyaki song by Q Sakamoto (R.I.P.) has English translation, too.
Takuro Yoshida is good, too.
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Re: Japanese music 2016/1/19 08:36
Access ranking of major song lyrics(‰ÌŽŒFka-si) sites:

Also any vids with "“ú–{ŒêŽš–‹/nihongo-jimaku" on YouTube or, are all good mostly.
This is ENG song but official translate with by Music Label(sales company).

Don't use "sub button" of player with JP/Fan sab as titles.
But "Not all" find good YouTubers.
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Re: Japanese music 2016/1/20 07:16
Teresa Teng did have a beautiful voice, but she was Taiwanese, so check which language she is singing in.

It's pretty much impossible to learn Japanese from anything other than good lessons & very good course materials, conversation practice and years of hard graft. There are lots of instructional videos of YouTube.

Using music you will start to recognise words that crop up repeatedly (kokoro - heart) but don't expect to learn one of the world's hardest languages by some mystical form of osmosis. There are, sadly, no short cuts. That said, it does help to listen to a lot of Japanese, as your ear starts to pick up what the words actually sound like in use, which can be very different from CDs and lessons. Real people tend not to speak clearly or with good grammar, which makes learning any language for real use tougher.

Check out Japanese TV programmes incl. ones that NHK put out for learners, with subs.

For music, AKB48 and other 48 group lyrics are widely available on fan sites in kana, romaji and English, which helps. Have the lyrics on screen whilst the music is playing. The MVs will just distract you.

All you can do is keep on going, and you will get better. It is a bit like herding cats up Everest, but people do learn it.
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