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Reservation at the Eorzea Cafe in Akiba? 2016/1/26 06:17
Hey there,

My friends and I are going to Japan for the first time in February, and one of my big highlights is going to the Eorzea Cafe in the Pasela building of Akihabara.

However, the reservation and sign up are all in Japanese and google-fu gives me info that seems to be outdated.

Can anyone be a bro and outline how I should go about reserving tickets for me and 2 others? The online reservation system through Lawson's is here:

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Reservation at the Eorzea Cafe in Akiba? 2016/1/27 03:52
My Google-fun found this which might be helpful:

"i am, by no means, a super final fantasy fan. my husband, on the other hand, loves FF. :) even though i know very little of FF, the experience was still thoroughly enjoyable! you just can't experience that level of detail and themed cafe anywhere near me, so it was definitely something not to miss. japan has tons of themed cafes, this is just the one we ended up visiting.

the entry system is a bit weird as it's a lottery system to snag an limited amount of seats for that day rather than just a reservation line. and it's a random lottery too; so even if you get in early, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a reservation. you have to pick a small numbered ticket and then you go in order of your ticket number (starting from ticket #1) to snag one of the limited seats available for the day. the closer you are to #1, the better your chances of getting a reservation, for instance, if you have #5, those who picked lottery tickets #1-4 go first in picking what reservation time they want for the day. and if they had large parties, that means you have less seats and reservation times available to pick from. odds are, if you pick anything above 50, you probably won't get a reservation that day. you also only get 1 ticket per party, making it more fair.

the process: you first have to arrive a bit before 10am, when they open the doors. at 10:30am, they let you in and limit the number of people let into the room to pick a ticket. at around 11am, you finally get to pick a lottery ticket from a bowl of tickets. then then with the smallest number go first in picking what reservation time they want to have.

the staff was super friendly and helpful, even though we didn't speak much japanese! the first day we didn't get a low enough number, so we didn't get called to make a reservation. but my husband insisted we try the next day; so we did. LUCKILY, we got #10 on the second day, so we were able to make a reservation for dinner that night. phew! if we didn't get a low number, i'm not sure i would've wanted to wait in line for a third day just to get a lottery ticket! and fyi, the whole lottery process takes about 1.5 hours.

dinner: when we came back for our reservation, the staff gave us an english menu (both menus include pictures), so we started eyeing all the different things we wanted to order! thankfully everything is relatively inexpensive because we literally ended up ordering over 3/4 of the menu! being a themed cafe, everything is based on final fantasy XIV: they have themed food (appies, entrees, desserts), themed drinks (including potion bottles), decorations (maps, swords, moogles), and even computers to log-in and play on your FFXIV account! it's quite unique.

the servers also bring you a 'playing card', which was really just a paper coaster with different characters on each, but people were trading them during dinner like they were playing cards. we had a local come up to us (us not really able to speak japanese, and the local not speaking english) to trade cards. :)

since we were the last reservation (7pm), we were able to stay longer than 2 hours if we wanted, and most everyone did.

the service was good, the food was actually pretty good, the drinks were interesting, and the decor was very detailed. if you're a fan of fantasy or a final fantasy fan, i would say you definitely should not miss this opportunity to visit!

Visited September 2014"

not my review, I just copied it from trip advisor.

Hope that helps, I might have to check it out myself when I'm in Tokyo next.
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Re: Reservation at the Eorzea Cafe in Akiba? 2016/1/27 03:57
Did you check the Rachel & Jun guide? It could be a bit outdated, but I'm sure the differences are minimal. Check the comments section to know what might be different.

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Re: Reservation at the Eorzea Cafe in Akiba? 2016/1/27 04:44
While it make be different for a group, all I did when I was there was show up early and take a ticket. They have a lottery type system where you pick the time you want and if there is a enough room you get in. When I went at the earliest time I was able to get in with plenty of room to spare. So, unless a large group shows up you will probably all be able to get in just fine if you pick up your reservations at opening time. You don't need to speak any Japanese and they have a english menu.
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Re: Reservation at the Eorzea Cafe in Akiba? 2016/1/27 16:38
Is it one ticket per person or one ticket per group?
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Re: Reservation at the Eorzea Cafe in Akiba? 2016/1/30 14:07
One ticket per group, as stated on the guide I have linked.
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