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Kissaten Gongon 2016/1/27 07:03
I was viewing an anime and during the show popped out a café named ゴンゴン. Out of curiosity I tried to look around to see if that could be some kind of onomatopoeia, but to no avail. So, does anybody know if it means anything or it's simply something put there because it sounded funny to the author?
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Re: 喫茶 ゴンゴン 2016/1/27 08:27
In hiragana, it's a mimetic word for bang or crash.... I don't know if that's going to help any.
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Re: Kissaten Gongon 2016/1/27 11:50
There is a Vietnamese cafe of that name in Fukuoka.
ngon ngon
In Vietnamese, it's seems the sense of delicious.
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Re: Kissaten Gongon 2016/1/27 20:39
"ゴンゴン(ごんごん)" exactly one of "onomatopoeia".
→ 物が出す音(Sound things out)
→ 1. ぶつかる・打つ・たたく (crash/hit/beat) as continuous sound over 2 times

that TV anime "Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!(2nd series) #ep1" cafe(kissa-ten) name is NOT onomatopoeia.
Maybe you know that scene based "Super Sentai Series(Live action/Tokusatsu)"
so that cafe name is parody of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger's snack/furuit parlor.
Gonpachi Edogawa (江戸川 権八 Edogawa Gonpachi?):
Commander of EAGLE's Japan branch. When operating in public,
Gonpachi disguises himself as the cook at the snack shop "Gon" (ゴン?),
which is the secret entrance to the Gorengers' headquarters.
The shop later becomes the fruit parlor "Gon".
スナック : snack (1st Ki[Yellow] Ranger "Oiwa Daita" eating "curry" his favorite)
"Gon" means commader's nick just his first name "Gon-pachi 権八" shorted/based.

TV anime"Mitsudomoe" series made by one of small animation company "bridge".
Not by "Toei Animation(major/big company)" Super Sentai Series made.
So If using same name would conflict with "copyright".
Very simple reason as a one of small gimmick.

oops, forgot... NOT "Vietnamese".
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Re: Kissaten Gongon 2016/1/27 21:06
Thanks a lot for the answers!

Wow, Blade_Braver, great explanation! You can tell that you know what you are talking about. I love when in shows there are references to older ones, so I'm happy to have expressed my curiosity. I knew that ごんごん was an onomatopoeia, but to me it doesn't make sense to write it in katakana if that was the intended meaning, or at least so I think, but I have little knowledge of Japanese at the moment.
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