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Character recommendations for a tattoo? 2016/1/28 15:39
As you guessed from the title, I am looking for character recommendations for a tattoo.

For some backstory that helps make sense of the tattoo before I describe it fully - I lost my dad last year and had to fix a massive number of problems my parents had after his death (and even many years before, as his health had been bad and things had gone ridiculously south during those last few years).

During those rough years (and even other difficult life events, really) I had become fond of the phrase "Keep Moving Forward" - a reminder to never wallow or get too emotionally caught up in the difficult situations themselves, but to persevere and be strong, and to above all grow from it regardless.

Now that being said, I want to get that in English on the inside of my left calf with the bottom flush against the ankle - and then get a (respectful, authentic) version in Japanese characters that embodied the overall concept of Keep Moving Forward (as obviously a literal translation of an idiomatic expression would not be possible) in Japanese characters on the opposite side of the calf (also bottom flush with the ankle).

So now I am on a quest for (and certainly looking for input on) characters or idioms that would be respectful/authentic (and also appropriately capture the intended concept), and would of course greatly appreciate any help you can provide!

Does that make sense? I apologize for the novel, but the both the tattoo and the history behind it are of great importance and subtle context to me, so I wanted to make sure I had accurately conveyed the nuances of everything it encompasses.

Thanks so much in advance!
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Re: Character recommendations for a tattoo? 2016/1/29 04:39
didn't read all but use Google translate.
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Re: Character recommendations for a tattoo? 2016/1/29 11:50
Quick answer : Don't get a kanji tattoo.
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Re: Character recommendations for a tattoo? 2016/1/29 13:46
Why do people insist on getting tattoos in a language they can't read? Is it for a conversation piece? Avoid getting that "ganbarou"-type tattoo, really.
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Re: Character recommendations for a tattoo? 2016/1/29 15:48
Does that make sense?

I'm afraid not. Why Japanese? That should be the most important information, and yet, question posters never provide that. I hope to help you.

By the way, I'm Japanese and I have five versions of phrases of that concept written on my (off-line) wall, one of them is in English, and those five were chosen from the hundreds of phrases that helped me keep moving on.
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