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How to get info on Concert Tickets? 2005/1/30 10:17
I will be in Japan most of of April '05 and would love to go to a concert while I am there. Preferably a popular American Artist/Band. I am having a hard time finding info online on Concerts. I like all sorts of music, from Pop to R&B to Country to Alternative to Rock..even some spanish. Concerts are my favorite thing to do and I thought it would be neat to experience one in Japan. Any ideas where I can find good info on different shows? Thanks! :-)
by Jade  

. 2005/1/30 11:14
Check the english version website of the TOKYO DOME, click on Calandar and see which events are going in in that venue. Also check with your favorite bands websites to see if they are going on tour.
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website? 2005/1/31 01:41
I will check out Tokyo Dome. If I knew the names of all the venues in Japan, I could try doing that for all of them. (I will be traveling all over, tokyo only for a few days). I have soooo many favorite bands,hundreds, and would be so happy to see any of them, does anyone maybe know of a website, like ticketmaster or something in english, where I can search events by region/dates, etc? In english?? Thanks! :-)
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. 2005/2/1 00:42
I am afraid that it is rather hard for you to get tickets for American bands or musicians, for a lot of Japanese are also waiting for their gigs or concerts in Japan.
Following is the a list of musicians showing their gigs in Tokyo area in April.

Norah Jones
Bryan Adams

Destiny's Child
Jimmy Eat World
Sugarplum Fairy
Napalm Death
Asian Dub Foundation
David Cross Band
Sarah Brightman
Jesse van Ruller
Diana King
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Concert info needed 2005/2/1 02:24
Hi Pacman,
Do you have any info about a band called T.M. Revolution (J-pop) playing in Japan sometime during the weeks of March 25 to April 7 and how I can buy tickets from Canada? I tried the website but there's just a note saying that they're going to be touring in March in Japan. Any help would be appreciated.
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thanks pacman! 2005/2/1 02:39
pacman, how did you get that info? is there a website in english? i would like to look up different areas of japan as well. thanks! :-)
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. 2005/2/1 04:29
Grace, according to T.M. Revolutions website:

Nationwide tour confirmed for 2005!
(Dec/8/2004) With the release of T.M.Revolution's new album "vertical infinity" on Jan.26,2005,
a nationwide tour has been confirmed!
Will start from Harmony Hall Zama on Sun. March 6, and will tour 16 cities, 28 shows.
For more details on this tour, will update soon on this site, but for those of you who can't wait,
pls call T.M.R. Concert Office: 0180-993-773!

I would occasionally check their english version website, or as said, if you can't wait you can call their concert office (international dial JAPAN) and ask for english speaking staff.
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TM Revolution 2005/2/1 04:32
Yes, I read that info on the website and as yet they haven't updated it with actual dates/cities. I will try calling the phone number--I wasn't sure if they had English speaking staff to talk to but I'm going to try it out, anyway. Thanks!
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website??? 2005/2/1 04:49
getting back to the original thread....
i will be all over japan in april and am looking for a website/sites where i can find concert info on various venues. pacman. that tokyo info was so useful! where did you find the info? is there an english website? thanks!!! :-)
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. 2005/2/1 08:40
As far as I know, there is no general English concerts/gigs info. But you can find some in a free English magazine, Metropolis, though the info is only around Tokyo area. Most tickets are really expensive usually starting from US$60 to $80. And there are a lot of cyber ticket touts, though the tiket tout itself is illegal in Japan! So it is harder and harder to get a concert ticket in Japan.


To Grace,
No TM revolution's gigs while you are in Japan.
I suppose that you are interested in J-rock. I suggest you should go to a club named "rocmkaykan" in Tokyo. Rockmaykan is a kind of mecca for J rock lovers and you can see future J rock bands. The schedule on April is not fixed yet.

Following bands are from Rockmaykan when they were indie bands: luna sea, glay, malice mizer, la'cryma christi, penicillin.
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... 2005/2/3 01:56
Hey, thanks, pacman!
I will check it out. I just started listening to a few j-pop bands because some of them are listed on anime soundtracks that I listen to (that's where I found tm revolution). I will also keep trying the tmr website in case of updates. Thanks again!
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w-inds concert tickets? 2005/3/26 03:33
how can i get tickets to a famous jpop boy band called w-inds summer tour concert?
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a-nation 2005/4/4 07:06
does anyone know how ill be able to get tickets to this years a-nation? i live in america and really want to go.
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ticket for w-inds concert 2005/5/31 19:45
w-inds concert summer tour is in Yokohama National Stadium July 20 to July 21 2005. The tickets are available for sales since May 28 in the automatic ticket selling machine in Family Mart convenience store. I just bought 4 tickets for friends yesterday
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Kat-tun Concert tickets 2005/7/2 10:20
does anyone noe how to get the concert tics of Kat-tun?....or to find anyone willing to help bidding in Japan's auction for foreigners?
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Also worth everyone's attention: 2006/1/4 23:07
U2 will probably play in Japan in April.
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Bryan Adams 2006/1/5 00:33
Hi. I really want to go to Bryan Adams concert in Tokyo in April. does anyone know how I can find out when and where it will be? then Where can i go to buy tickets? THANK you!! ( I live in Japan now)
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concert tickets 2006/2/4 07:34
I'm planning on going at the end of March and want to get tickets for 2 shows: GO!GO!7188 and The Pillows.

Alas, you must live in Japan or have an address in Japan to get tickets sent to if you buy them online. So I was wondering if there is anyone who could help me with this, because I don't have a friend in Japan that I could ask. Or, if there is another way of getting them through some 3rd party service. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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info on concerts 2006/3/19 05:15
check pollstar.com search tokyo and it will list everyone who is touring!w/dates and places
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Question 2006/3/21 06:13
I don't have an answer, I have a question. . .
I want to go to a Kat-tun concert. does anyone know if they are having any concerts this summer?? I'm currently in the UK so I have no idea whats going on in Japan any more.
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