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Least expensive stay near/visit Kurokawa? 2016/2/13 05:32
Hi Everyone,

We're planning our trip and it looks like we have between 2-4 days to visit Kurokawa, possibly. However, we're a little last-minute as we're planning this for the March 4th-8th timeframe.

When I'm looking to book a hotel to stay, the least expensive option I am seeing is $175 per night total, $350 for two nights, etc. Unfortunately, this puts it well outside of our budget.

Would anyone know of a way we could still visit Kurokawa while potentially staying somewhere for less? We're open to driving there every day, renting a car if we need to (though, not inexpensive), etc. We will have the JR rail pass during this timeframe as well (we know we'd have to cover the bus cost).

It looks like a fantastic place to go for Onsen (it'll be our first Onsen experience). I appreciate your responses. We can be as flexible as possible on where to stay. We're mostly staying in Airbnb type situations or hostels while in Japan ... I just don't see anything near Kurokawa (that isn't already booked).

Thank you!!

P.S. If the cheapest option is to stay in Fukuoka & take the bus daily, that is ok ... but, it looks like quite the distance to travel each way.
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Re: Least expensive stay near/visit Kurokawa? 2016/2/13 22:32
Hello Sclark, Im in the same situation as you!
Ill be visiting Kurokawa next March and after many searchings
Ive decided to overnight in Aso, where there are some affordable accommodations than in Kurokawa where there are only very expensive ones!
Ive read that there are daily "local" buses which start at Aso Station.
hope I wont need to make reservation in advance!
I think the journey is shorter than coming from Fukuoka?
Have a look at "Aso Base Backpackers Hostel" in Aso.
Lets have a nice time in Kurokawa!!
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