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Buying tickets to women's soccer games 2016/2/17 19:22
My 14 year old daughter is seriously mad about soccer, both as a player and a spectator, so when we go to Japan in September I want to take her to a women's soccer game. I have found the schedule for the first division of the "Nadeshiko League" or L-League http://au.women.soccerway.com/national/japan/l1-league/2016/regular-se... but I don't know how to buy tickets? Can we just show up at the game and buy them on the day? Or should we buy them ahead of time?
Any help with this would be appreciated.
by Sonya Jeffery (guest)  

Re: Buying tickets to women's soccer games 2016/2/19 15:31
This is official web but no ENG page.
http://www.nadeshikoleague.jp/club/ (no linked each team's web)
http://www.nadeshikoleague.jp/link/ (jump to each teams)

Buying ticket not so hard after entering Japan bc most games won't be sold out usual.
At airport or nearest convenience store's ticket sales machine faster and easier
and a bit cheaper as "advance ticket(前売券)" also get "on the day ticket(当日券)" possible.
This is music concert ticket .ver about "Loppi" of LAWSON(ローソン) machine how to.
Select スポーツ(sports) first then サッカー(succer/football) is so.
Each game ticket "code(コード)" showing each team's ticket(チケット) sales info page like this.
(above video using "L-code" L means Lowson/convenience store name.
"P-Code" for another convenience store Familymart's Fami -port or Ticket Pia/one of major ticket sales company)
But Sep's games ticket sales start yet too early seems starts around mid Aug.

Nadeshiko "L1(なでしこリーグ 1部)" ticket around 1000-2000Y usual.
(more expensive seat ticket exist depends on seat area and studium size large or not).
"unreserved seat(自由席)" area sold out faster usual by team core fans/calling "supporters" also cheapest.
"reserved seat(指定席)" a bit expensive but enough seat numbers exist no worry.

2016 later Game dates and Studiums :
(Some games not exact(未定) studium and start time)
(compare your country with Japan for understanding distance/how far?)

Learn about more basics.
So watch strong team,National team members
or Award players belonging team game storongly recommend.
But Super Star player "Mrs.SAWA" already retired at last season.
Now some "Charange league(チャレンジリーグ)" including college and high-school club
and also using some under 15 players belonging but in Sep no official games.

all team(men's,too) also announced practice/training(練習) date
on weekday's at own/home town's field info like this.
Watching easy open for public no need enter fee or something
also recording by camera/video possible usual.

Don't forget "Marker pen" for getting player's signatures :)

Anyway, find or make star player recommend.
A lot of vids exist on YouTube like this.
This is sisters "lifting" battle with Yamanote-sen quiz/party game.
(original : clapping) https://youtu.be/RZ3LAUx-Ppw

Dose she know "Ball wa Tomodachi. " line?
Japanese famous top players growing up by reading/watching this comic/animation during kids/teens.
Football story comics list: http://ur0.work/saue
(include "woman players 女子サッカー" stories)
Also technical book for woman players good.
Click book image will open sample page. (captured: http://i.imgsafe.org/668f56a.png)
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Re: Buying tickets to women's soccer games 2016/2/20 09:43
Nadeshiko league is not very popular, they even provide free seats for spectators at certain venues, just go to the venue and buy day ticket there so that you don't need to go on rainy day.
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Buying tickets to women's soccer games 2016/2/28 14:15
Thakyou very much for all this information and help.
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