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Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/2/18 14:28
Hello all,

After doing some research I couldn't find much on this topic in the forums. We will be in Japan for two weeks in April, meaning we miss the sumo tournaments. We see there are "special events" held in smaller towns across Japan during this time, which appear to us to be like exhibition matches sometimes held in gyms. For someone interested in experiencing sumo, but not a huge fan, would these special events be worth going out of the way to attend? Would it be a better option to try and visit a stable instead? Prices seem similar.

Thank you for the help!
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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/2/19 11:37
I have seen a sumo tour.
I think you, but do not know how much you like a sumo, it is worth to go.
If in early April, there is also a dedication sumo of Yasukuni Shrine.
It's free admission.
Instead, there is a need to go as soon as possible to secure the location.
Not written yet what time is performed on the home page.
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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/3/1 02:54

we're planning on seeing the ceremonial event at Yasukuni Shrine - does anyone know how long this lasts? Research on google has jsut said it's from 9am-3pm - so does that mean the ceremony goes on all day?

There's also one in Toyama - again similar question, any idea how long the event lasts ? Can't seem to buy tickets to this online, says we need to call someone but I'm afraid my japanese isn't very good!

thank you!
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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/3/1 08:50
I suggest going to the smaller sumo tournaments like the one in Toyama on April 20th. Some of the famous sumo wrestlers participate in these tournaments and it's very exciting to watch. As it's not a grand sumo tournament the tickets are usually cheaper and you can get a better view. Typically the event starts at 10am and goes until 3 or 4pm. The lesser known wrestlers will have their matches earlier in the day and as the day progresses the more established wrestlers will come out into the ring. They also have musical performances, signings/photo opportunities and comedy routines. Some people choose not to turn up until 12-1pm when the more 'exciting' matches start. I definitely recommend going if you're interested in sumo, especially as these aren't 'grand sumo' tournaments you will be able to get a closer look than you would at a bigger tournament. As for obtaining tickets, it's a little difficult because you don't have a Japanese address, nor will you be able to make the payment at the convenience store. I suggest calling the hotel/ryokan you're staying at and asking them to book the tickets for you. A travel agency in your town might also be able to help. If this isn't possible, you could take a risk and wait until you arrive in Japan to buy them. From my experience the seats in the smaller sumo tournaments are far less likely to sell out, especially if you're not fussy about where you're sitting (seating preferences don't really matter in tournaments held in gyms as you can still see the ring clearly from far away).
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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/3/1 08:57
I found some more information for you. I'm not sure what special events you're talking about, but there are definitely sumo matches happening in April, just not grand tournaments. There is more info on this website and a link to an English page for tourists to buy tickets. Please note that this isn't the official sumo website so it may or may not be legit, although it appears to be reliable according to the customer reviews on the Lonely Planet forum.

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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/3/1 14:04
Toyama 8:00 Doors open, is 15:00 end.
At Toyama City Gymnasium first arena.
To buy in English, it is good buysumotickets.com.
Or, how to get to buy instead the hotel concierge.
Yasukuni Shrine will be held on April 18, 9:00 to 15:00 around.
On the day first-come-first-served basis 6,000 ( There is to be a restricted admission)
When you search for the keyword yasukuni sumo, you get historical information.
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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/3/1 14:39
Thanks for the help! We are actually still considering buying tickets on the website above (it does seem legit) but not sure. The date that would work best for us is April 6th in Okazaki but it just seems so far from the closest JR station that I'm not sure how well we'll do making it out there with timing, extra transportation costs, and limited japanese, and still struggling if that makes it worth the trip.
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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/3/1 16:08
Just to add, buysumotickets is a legit site. Search around a bit on the forums and you'll see they've had a long history and lots of satisfied users around here.
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Re: Sumo special events worthwhile? 2016/3/1 18:09
thank you all so much for your insight and help - much appreciated!!
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